Features - Update your website by sending a text! TextYourWebsite.com

Why do I need your service?

  • Take control of your website and update your customers instantly. Do it from anywhere at anytime. You don't have to login to any dashboard or change any code once you get setup.

  • You just need to send a text! No additional software, apps or confusion.

  • Stop paying your web designer and stop waiting for them to post important notices on your website.

  • Assign multiple phone numbers to your account so trusted individuals can send updates.

  • You only need to install one line of code on your website. We will do it for you at no cost if you wish!


How does a text message update my website?

Once you sign up, you're assigned a dedicated phone number from us. Save that number in your phone!

After you install our javascript code on your website, you simply text our phone number and that message will display as a banner on the top of your website!

Our easy to use dashboard lets you tailor how your message and banner look on your site. Choose from a variety of fonts, sizes and colors.

Our premium plan allows you to attach an image or a web link, which will link your website banner to go to that image or link.


Control the narrative.

We've made it easier to update your website than your social media accounts. Keep your website visitors informed 24/7

  • Emergencies
  • Office closings
  • Changing COVID procedures
  • Daily sales specials
  • Contests/Giveaways
  • Scheduled downtime
  • Major Events
  • Customer Surveys

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