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Frequently Asked Questions

So how does your service work?

Once you sign up, you are assigned a phone number; save this number in your phone, you're going to need it! Next, a simple line of javascript code needs to be placed on your website. That's it!

Now when you send a text to your assigned phone number, that message will appear at the top of your website! Want to erase it? Text ERASE. Want to change how the message looks? Use our easy dashboard to change colors and fonts.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! We have a 7 Day free trial for our Premium Plan. We want to give you enough time to install & try out our service. We promise you'll love it! Cancel anytime :)

Ok, I signed up. How do I get this working on my website?

A single line of javascript code needs to be put on your website. You can do this yourself or have your web designer place the code. Once it's placed, you're done!

We also have an API for more advanced placement and usage.

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